Tricky - Ghetto Youth

Ghetto YouthTricky5:38

Текст песни Tricky - Ghetto Youth


Me's a ghetto youth
Me come from straight down ina the ghetto
Seen, Rockfort, Warica
Seen, Matches Lane
Jungle Heights,yeah
all I and I are one.
Carry kites,yeah
Me a tell ya
All Bull Bay Heights and dem heights dey.
We come up
Seen, I you a hear me
Wicked ina de ghetto my brother
Wicked to the mass
And you done know the man have youth and youth and youth a comeup
And you see when you come up
And the father drop out
Dem no know no father so dem come up to a gunman.
Me done know, because a saw de ghetto run a so the politician doit
dem bring in a bag a gun and barrage a thing and seen run up onyouth on youth
And then when you check it out.
Dem send dem police friend to come for dem gun
And dem say dem not running gun and dem things deh.
And be here things in a ghetto
Seen, man no stop kill man.
Seen, man no stop rob man.
A no dem things deh we want ina Jamaica
We want love, unity, sense, strength and energy.
Yeah, we want a whole heap of things to go on for the ghettoyouth all next year.
You done know me as one a dem uprighting ghetto youths,
Seen, so we a start from way down dey so.
We no just a come from no where and a come up ya so
A way down ina de so man a come from.
Say man a come way from the rock, when me say de rock, me meanthe rock,
Seen, them flow ambulance and them come to the worst
Worst industrial
It's the work of the Caribbean country
I know it all from a long ways back
We no got no royalty, know what me say?
Yeah, get up in a place them call they'll sigh, call them
See them sitting in a store.
Gots with play, gots to this, gots to that, gots to everything.
Ever have a little fire get wet?
Wow, them has not said a word.
I a don't know my little friend over there sir.
Sure when they all left the motel
I sell chicken and some other things.
I a do know ya up front man.
Yes me brother, Sky the yes sir.
And the easy, we all easy, now we all smoke weed as one

Now listen I tell ya, the truth.
Y'all God bless been me, trust me.
I wanna show ya'll more thing about the ghetto.
See the ghetto is a case a pop, lollipop, all of them pop there
Yeah, I and I a juggle them from nine from down dere yes sir.
See ya know it's cool we got a system army
See ya don't know man no ghetto youth, see?
Street boy original, see?
Yeah, and noboby can fool and nobody can come use we.
Yeah, that's the way we run things.
We just steal a thing, we sell suck-suck on them thing.
Them thing come and them thing in The Star
and in the news in the Enquirer, the ex-news for earn our ownpaper.
Yeah,come with I and get we boy to come tell about 6 to 6 and 6to 12.
And after this and after that you drink champagne and cut off youfoot.

In a place something on that ya see
we is all caught on our neck for you
When them work them weary.
That's how the ghetto youth live.
That's why them ever try to elevate us, I and I ya see?
Ya know I and I elevate out of the slum.
That needs more order, we make war and peace look easy
See we me people we make use of that ya see?
Our mother and our father never have nothing, from way down theresir.

Trust me my brother.
See that's how I and I come up.
Go to school without lunch money and them sitting there.
That's why I no love nobody else.
One good thing I love about the little youth
they're the car keys to a I and I and a friend, me brother.
I tell ya,it'll sure fit all our sell ya anything ya
I and I know.
I live with it.
I live with it, ya see?
Reality a reality see?
We no promote none of them boy over there sir.
See them stay over one side and go and eat them turkey and drinkthem what they wanna drink them.
The red wine's going
There is one thing and kick back and go and meditate and see?
Yeah, live with people me people live with we.
Ya know what me say?
Yeah, 'cause when I tell ya me brother, see there be
chain of bandages them a go under see?
Babylon release the train but them use is them brain see?
Trust me.
That's why I and I
Now go ask for them
God with it them build big pretty church and no build no school

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