Tricky - Daydreaming (Tricky's vox)

Текст песни Tricky - Daydreaming (Tricky's vox)

Attitude is cool
Degrees below zero.
Up against the wall
Behaving like Deniro.
Tricky's performing.
Taking his photo
Make him stand with a tan.
Touch it like cocoa.
Smooth keep it moving at the back now.
Free as the needle that's movnig through the track now.
Trouble and strife
Ain't no sunshine in my life.
Wiseguys get protection
When they carry a knife.
They shouldn't have been born.
They're making me yawn.
But I
Just take it easy like a Sunday morn.
If I was a rich man
Daddy G: da da dada...
I quietly observe standing in my space.
It's the devious days they call the rat race.
It's a concrete jungle, evil in the town,
Weebles, wobble, occasional squabble,
But we're happy when the bomb drops

Well I'm Tricky Kid
Don't deal with sadness
Can't be with the one I love
I love the one that I miss.
I'm very down to earth
But brain sits on top floor.
Don't need another lover
Just need, I'm insecure.
Yes Tricky Kid
I check my situation.
Maggy this Maggy that
Maggy means inflation.
Hip-hop you don't stop
Cause I'm not sloppy.
I like the beats
So we need another copy.
3D: You're a hooligan
You try to play the fool again.
Tricky: Caught you in the lost and found
3D: When your posse weren't around.
Tricky: No crowd
3D: So you're going for you tool again.

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