Catharsis - My Love, The Phiery

My Love, The PhieryCatharsis7:54

Текст песни Catharsis - My Love, The Phiery

I'm looking through fences of ancient graves –
The cemetery of dreams has got a new day
Living I'm or not – it doesn't matter for me:
You're left the life when the spring forced to flee...

Joy of that passing days you were alive's
Burning out my soul with the infernal fire
Feelings' waterfall doesn't let me breathe –
Heart's in the vices forging my breast

I want to cry but nobody's around
My part is dead, it's under the ground
I have no choice – just to leave for the light
Blood'll splash on the grass – and I'm all right...

The cemetery of dreams has got a new day
But for the following "again" nobody waits:
Bodies under the ground and two souls in the sky –
They're together in place where no one can die...

Cemetery of my dreams
Aura of my cloudy beams
Cemetery of my thoughts:
Thousands of my made-up plots

The cemetery of dreams by flowers is covered
The cemetery of dreams's so high in the clouds
Here and fatal dreams really come true
We'll stay here forever – we: me and you

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