Black Eyed Peas - The Boogie That Be

The Boogie That BeBlack Eyed Peas5:12

Текст песни Black Eyed Peas - The Boogie That Be

{*computerized police sirens*}

Yo, you hear them sirens
I know you hear em
Don't get scared
It ain't five-o (naw)
That's the funk yo (yeah)
Don't act like you didn't know (huh)
It's just the way it goes (yeah)
When you messin with the funk (yeah)
You bumpin in your trunk (yeah)
You know it's what you want (yeah)
So just bump, the bump, da-bump
Bump, bump, bump it up

Bounce boo to the boog-a-die beat
You know I
Want you to come boogie with me
We can
Dip left slide right all night
It's time to be wild freestyle

It's on and poppin
Ain't so stoppin
Us from rockin
From tonight till ten o'clock
In the morning
Got neighbors knockin (turn it down)
Fuck em go call them cops and
Watch em kids walk and start boppin
Heads to what that DJ droppin
He play funk punk and hip-hoppin
Breakin laws yeah coaches shockin
We be pop lockin and moshin
I get down and groove to cuts (yeah)
Check mark on all groovin butts
Now these cats is scared to dare (that's right)
This beat plays, whoo
Here's my chance
Come on girl let's go out there
Dance on the floor


We can dance, and dance, dance
(Come on baby) Said we can dance, and dance, dance
(One more, whoo) I wanna dance, and dance, dance
(Yeah, yeah, yeah) Oh, we can dance, and dance, dance

Fergie's chillin
Always illin
The way I make you sway, ya feelin
That's how it is
Get down and jam
If ya'll don't understand

Check it
Heat rock makin
Street block shakin
Club life's great when it's house breakin
Speakers thumpin
Hold joint jumpin
Disco funkin get your booty bumpin
This beat's bangin
I'm rap talkin
Sweet spit slangin
Keep your feet hoppin
Dirty dancin
Nasty naughty
Move that chesty
Pump it hottie
Cause when I hear music
I just loose it
I wanna do it with you, you, you, you
And when I hear music
I get into it
I wanna do it with you, you



Come on, freak, freak
(Haaaaa) Freak to the beat
(Haaaaa) Yeah, freak, freak
(Haaaaa) Move it to the beat
(Haaaaa) Yeah, freak, freak
(Haaaaa) Wanna sound sweet
(Haaaaa) Let's freak, freak
(Haaaaa) And groove to the beat

Ya, what the hell ya'll come here for
If you ain't out there on that floor
Your ass be that bringin ahead a brawlin more
I'll give it to ya warm
Give it to you hardcore
You're all contaminated
I'm gonna keep this pure
Just for your, for yours pleasure
Cause all I wanna do is have a ball, ya'll
Get on the floor ya'll
And freak, freak ya'll




{*computerized police sirens*}

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