Angie Stone - Lovers' Ghetto

Текст песни Angie Stone - Lovers' Ghetto

Through the thirty years and all the years between
You never turned on me
And it opened my eyes to see
That you were the one for me
And the value in you is beyond what money can buy
Your kiss is so refreshing my heart is never dry

[1] - Even though it's still a game of struggle
Life is so beautiful
Heaven in the ghetto
I can never let you go
Blue days and dark nights
You'll always be a part of my life
We're inseparable, love overflows

[2] - All I see is you in the sky, on my mind
Whispers in the night
Your sweet tone
In your arms is where I call home

I remember when we had no furniture, just a color TV
And a cocktail, some pillows and we're both so happy
And we stuck it out
To get us now more than what we had
But change ain't much, things could be worse
Thank God it can't be better

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 2]

Always, no matter what, you are my baby
I'll never give you up, I'm still your lady
I know we'll make it through
I'll be here by your side
Baby, I'm here for you
My arms are open wide

[Repeat 2 until fade]

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